A Date with the Pre-Raphaelites e-course

I have created this blog post for students to ask questions or make comments about the class. I will also have a Facebook Group for this class to post your work as well.

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Deadline for class signup

Will I be able to sign up after the class starts? So excited for this! I have been waiting all summer!

Absolutely Sharon...whenever

Absolutely Sharon...whenever you are ready.

Deadline for class signup

Thanks! I'm so looking forward to this!

I too will be joining you a

I too will be joining you a day or two late. I can't wait! Got all my supplies ready to go...

transfer of drawing

Did you have a laser or ink jet copy made?

I used a laser print because they don't bleed.

You can use an ink jet as well. I just find the transfer a little softer with the ink jet and it does bleed a little if the image is dark


I have had a print made of my drawing. You mentioned cutting it in half to make the transfer process easier. Should I apply one half and let it dry before I add the second piece.

Yes, that is the easiest way to do it.

That works the best.

I did the transfer and was

I did the transfer and was amazed at the results! It really frees me to experiment with the painting and not worry that I will lose the original. I can always try again. Now that the holidays are over I am ready to paint. I am an oil painter but would like to try the acrylics. When you go in with white at the beginning, do you use medium or water and very little of
Thanks. From facebook, it looks like you are enjoying a lovely vacation.

Hi Bonnie

I don't use any medium with the white and very little water. I like to get a thick amount on there so that I can manipulate it. Look forward to hearing and seeing your results!

Link for Pinterest page

Hi Kate! Where is the link for the Pinterest board for this class? Thank you!

Here is the link to my pinterest

Starting with the 3rd row through 5th row are all my pins for this class

A few more questions. :)

Is there another name for the marks all pencil? When I put that into the search engines at Dick Blick I do don't get any results. Could it have another name?
I love the lace that you use with the joint compound in the forth painting. Do you have any idea where we could purchase lace like that or similar ?
You mentioned purchasing a soft brush. Is there one at Dick Blick that you could recommend to me? Thank you s2271o much for all your help with this!

Marks all is a stabilo pencil here is the link

I love to collect vintage lace. I shop thrift stores and usually can find some beautiful finds. You can try the fabric stores but I think you will find the vintage lace much nicer.
Here is a brush I use all the time

Good luck and it is fun to shop the thrift stores!

I got it

Hi Kate thank you for getting back to me. Yes it was in my junk mail, which hasn't happened before. I appreciate it.

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Humidity is divided into external humidity and internal humidity. outside humidity Often caused by exposure to the environment damp for a long time while the internal humidity is caused by the quality What symptoms indicate that the body there may be moisture symptoms of body humidity

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Recipes that help maintain pelvic water It is important to eat light and easily digestible foods, such as red beans, green beans, lentils. Eat foods that promote blood circulation, regulate blood and eliminate fatigue, such as hawthorn, peach seeds, peels, and orange peels. Properly supplement proteins such as lean pork, duck, goose and quail.

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tetanus tetanus symptoms The initial symptoms include general malaise muscle pain The most common symptoms that are common are difficult to open the mouth The patient is clearly conscious. as the disease progresses and muscle spasms The patient will be in a lot of pain. This is usually caused by the slightest stimulation: a painful spasm.

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Bones May be the beginning of cancer. Bones A hard lump appears on the surface of the bone. Pain and swelling of the bone. and adjacent joints will appear. often worse at night pain intensity not involved in any activities The nature of pain varies, including body aches.

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What is cancer? It can be described as follows. endometrial cancer It is a group of epithelial malignant tumors. that occurs in the uterine lining which occurs in postmenopausal women and menopause endometrial cancer is one of the three cancers common gynecological They account for about 20 percent to 30 percent of gynecological cancers.

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Epidemics The recent epidemic in the country

Epidemics The recent epidemic in the country does not seem calm The epidemic continues The total number of confirmed cases is 112, with six asymptomatic infections, in addition to 13 related infections, according to media reports. responsible offender In the spread of the plague are delta mutants.

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emphysema caused by the tip of the trachea of ​​the human body including air bags respiratory tract or weak airway flexibility swell Lung volume increased or combined With symptoms of the respiratory wall is destroyed. There are several types of emphysema. But whether the disease is infected or not It depends on the causative factors of the disease,

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temperature, heat-related diseases.

temperature, heat-related diseases. There are some related diseases that appear after heat exposure. Most of them have colds and coughs. especially during hot weather The elderly and children need to pay attention. So it can prevent heat disease. due to closed doors and windows make air circulation and dryness is not good combined with heater air conditioner electric heater and other heaters will cause the room temperature to be too high

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Brucellosis Brucellosis How

Brucellosis Brucellosis How to prevent brucellosis? Sick animals must be separated or slaughtered. in contaminated areas should be carefully disinfected. Milk and dairy products must be pasteurized. All staff in the local area should be vaccinated against Animals can be vaccinated.

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Seiko jewelry jewelry market Usually shows advantages and disadvantages. of the development of the jewelry industry while the jewelry market Approaching the mark, internal competition in the industry is being driven. reach more climax But behind the fierce competition

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Air conditioning, for many people, summer life.

Air conditioning, for many people, summer life. coming from the air conditioner But many summer ailments are caused by air conditioners as well. What diseases can be caused if the air conditioner does not blow properly? It can be described as follows: conditioned lungs A man has symptoms such as high fever, coughing up blood, difficulty breathing, and general fatigue. After blowing the useless air conditioner for a long time

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Arthritis, the cause of arthritis Strong joints include strong bones. This is mainly due to the essential minerals in the collagen matrix. There is a bag containing synovial fluid in the joint. which protects the tip of the bone from the impact of the bone and adjacent cartilage due to synovial fluid can effectively lubricate the joints

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hepatitis B Can I have healthy children?

hepatitis B Can I have healthy children? A woman can have a child with hepatitis B. Children are the future of the family. Childbirth is natural for women. But it's not easy to get pregnant and have children. for patients with positive outcomes of the disease If their symptoms are not serious They had never been treated before. But considering that The disease is contagious If you are afraid of infecting the next generation or don't dare to get pregnant So can female patients with positive results have children?

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pneumonia symptoms of pneumonia Patients often have chills and h

pneumonia symptoms of pneumonia Patients often have chills and high fever. The most common symptoms of pneumonia are Sudden and persistent high fever The body temperature is generally between 39 and 40 degrees and is often accompanied by symptoms such as headaches and muscle aches.

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