Paint Your Heart and Soul 2020 year-long online class

Hi guys I haven’t blogged in awhile so it’s my delight that I have some great news! I can finally reveal that I’m going to teach PYHaS next year!!! This is my third year! I’m giving away a FREE spot in this super amazing course! Keep reading!

You might have already heard about this amazing course as it is one of the most popular art classes in our online art community. However, if you’ve never heard about it before then in a nutshell, this is a year-long art class with weekly lessons, where you can learn how to create gorgeous art, using different art supplies and techniques from professional artists from all around the world

This course is great for everyone who is looking to learn (beginners and experienced artists are welcome!), explore, get inspired and to improve, and add to your artist voice! I’m especially thrilled because I get to share with you my approach to oils. My first lesson will be a portrait and my second will be painting a rose in oil.

PYHaS2020 is the biggest edition yet! It includes over 65 brand new amazing DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO LESSONS. It is more than a lesson a week! How cool is that!! We will learn how to create beautiful artwork with faces and figures, pets and birds, flowers and landscapes in different styles, such as realistic, painterly, loose and more.

What is so exciting is that many lessons are based on Color Theory, Value scale (shading), Proportions and other academic art theories. In my lessons I will be going over head proportions, mixing paint to achieve beautiful skin tones.

This course is hosted by the artist Olga Furman of and is a collaboration of 37 international artists. All of us are looking forward to share our unique creative process, our knowledge, tips and tricks with students, from start to finish.  Here is a link for more information and to sign up

We will also provide a closed FB group where students are encouraged to share their progress, receive support and meet likeminded friends. Being a part of the art community has a tremendous positive effect and makes the learning process even more exciting! 

This course is geared towards individuals of all skill levels, ranging from a total beginner (no previous experience in drawing/painting is required prior this course) to an experienced artist!

In my lessons I will be creating a portrait in oils starting with an underpainting. The next step is to create a color palette and I will go over color mixing and the theory behind it. I will also be painting a painterly rose in oils as well for my second lesson.

Click HERE    to find out more details about PAINT YOUR HEART AND SOUL 2020.

This course starts January 2020, but the early bird registration is now open HERE

If you register by December 25th, you can purchase the course at a DISCOUNTED PRICE of $99 (save $70 from regular price of $169!),  

Don’t miss out this sale, don’t wait till the last moment! PYHaS2020 is the biggest edition, there will never be a PYHaS of the same size in the future!

And what’s more - I’m going to give one of you a FREE spot in the course, please see details below!


To enter the Giveaway raffle, do the following: Share this link    on your Social Media (FB, Instagram, Pinterest) Comment on where you shared the link and I will add you to the raffle.

Each share on a different social media counts as one entry – multiple entries are encouraged! I will announce the lucky winner on Oct 7, 2019

*If you’ve already paid for the course and win the spot, you will get a full refund!

I can’t wait to start creating together!

Here are some samples of my work in oils



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PYHS 2020

I am thrilled you are in this group as I want to join for 2020. I will see you in Morocco very soon! And thanks for a giveaway.

I am so happy to hear you are

I am so happy to hear you are going to be a teacher again. I would love to join this year. I wanted to do this workshop for a long time now. I have shared the link on Facebook . Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Shared the posting for PYHS 2020 on my Facebook page

Just shared the posting for PYHS 2020 on my Facebook page. Please add me to the drawing. Thanks!


Shared on fb and twitter.....thanks for the opportunity!

As always I love your work — this class looks amazing

Hi Kate - love your work this class looks amazing !


Thank you for giving a chance to win a spot in this amazing course. I have shared on Twitter and Facebook!!! Keep my fingers crossed.

PYHS 2020

Wonderful! Shared and tagged you on my instagram page @lenochkabartworks ! Looking forward!

PYHAS 2020

Shared on Facebook - thankyou so much!!!

Pyhsc giveaway

I came across your website via the olga furman website. I love your fractured angel painting. I haven’t done the paint your heart and soul course yet, and it would be great to win a place to develop some more technique. Shared on Fb.

Shared and would love to win

Shared and would love to win a spot! Thanks for the chance!


I’ve shared on Facebook so fingers crossed

PYHAS 2020

Whoo hoo. Fingers crossed - this looks fabulous. Shared on FB.

PYHS 2020 giveaway

Hello Kate, I've shared on fb, pinterest and instagram, and would love to win a ccoveted spot on this awesome course. Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!!!

Shared on Twitter. Thanks for

Shared on Twitter. Thanks for the opportunity !

Shared on FB thanks for the

Shared on FB thanks for the chance, Kate! I have loved your lessons and classes!

Give Away <3

Hi Kate! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! I would absolutely love to win and be able to learn from you and the other artists <3 I've shared your link at my Facebook art page @BonitaHendriksArt <3

PYH&S Giveaway ❤️

Thank you for the Giveaway opportunity.
I have shared on Facebook and Twitter.
Your paintings are absolutely stunning!!

PYH&S Giveaway

Thank you for the Giveaway opportunity.
I have shared on Facebook and Twitter.
Your paintings are absolutely stunning!!


I have shared on my FB and IG

Thanks so much for the opportunity! I would love to win a spot! Am an early retired and art helps me to relax and forget my health problems. Would love to learn so much more about art from all these wonderful artists!

Good luck everyone!

Raffle PYHS

I shared the link onto my Pinterest page. Thank you for the chance to win a spot on this wonderful class.

Shared on FB, instagram and

Shared on FB, instagram and Pinterest. Looks like you are having a wonderful time in Morocco!

Raffle PYHaS

I'm so happy you are teaching in PYHaS again, missed you this year! I shared on my Facebook page and Twitter, ( @keystoneflora ) Thank you!

My name is really Diana Boyd

My name is really Diana Boyd BTW...!


Shared on fb and twitter. Would so love to win a spot....thanks for the chance!


Shared on Facebook! Thank you for the opportunity! ❤️

PYHAS sharing

Such gorgeous work!
Sharing your link on FB and Instagram :)
Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Shared on Twitter and

Shared on Twitter and Pinterest. Thanks for the opportunity!


Thank you for this opportunity
Loved your class last year in PYHS 2019 and look forward to another exciting year. Would love to win
Shared FB

PyHAS 2020

Thank you for offering a chance to win. I shared on instagram (@RiverofJazz_Art) & on my pinterest (karly winston)

Thank you!

Cool! Thanks for this news. I've always wanted to learn how to paint in oils and your course seems to be a great help for this. And with this competition you can get on the course for free, but you will probably have to try very hard, since other participants also strongly want to get on the course and will draw with maximum efficiency for the competition. Why don't you post this announcement on Twitter where tens of thousands of interested users can see and evaluate it. I sometimes saw similar announcements there and noticed that almost always they were published by accounts to which about 14 thousand subscribers were subscribed! I am sure this is because the owners of these accounts have repeatedly used the services of to quickly increase the number of subscribers.


Posted on my FB
Thanks for the opportunity✨✨✨

Giveaway pyhas

Shared on Facebook


shared on FB. Thanks for the chance!


Love your work, Kate. Shared on FB. Thank you!

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