Fabric Book Art online class Gathering

Hi Everyone, I created this blog post for all the students in this book class. Ask questions, share, anything to do with this class. I will be starting a Facebook page for this class as well where you can share and post your work.

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Adirondack reinkers

Hi Kate,
Went to gather my supplies for a weekend of fun and found that the reinkers I thought I had are actually alcohol inks. So, I need to purchase some. Problem is my computer died about a week or so ago and I haven't finished downloading the backup files, so if you don't mind I'd like to list the colors I think I need from several areas/videos and see if I'm getting all that I might need. I'm in the fabric collage and fiber art book classes which I downloaded from Trodden Path before you discontinued them. Hope they survived the backup.
Anyway, here's what I have so far on my need list:
Please suggest others.
Thanks for helping.
It's because of having to buy a new computer and new brakes for the car that I had to cancel my trip to your class in Saluda. So sorry to miss it.

Adirondack colors

I really like caramel as well.
So sorry you will miss the class in Saluda Lynn

Signing In

Cannot sign in

Fabric Book Art online class Gathering | Fractured Angelics

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You should be in Constanza.

You should be in Constanza.

Fabric book art

I have been going crazy for over an hour trying to figure out how to create an account so that I may participate in the Fabric Book Art on line class. I wanted to get in on the 50 percent savings deal. Now I have only a half an hour before the sale ends.
I must be missing something. I have tried to find a "create an account" link on my IPad and on my desk top. No luck.

I know it is late now but can you please email me tomorrow with a solution.

Thank you so much.

Mary Stang

Mary, you don't have to create an account

Go to this link and just purchase the class and pay through paypal.
Once I get an invoice, I send you links and passwords to get into the classes.
Email me if you are having trouble. I will keep the class sale on till mid day today.

I have completed the purchase

I have completed the purchase through Paypal. Thank you so much for the assistance.

Mary Stang


Hi.I don't seem to be able to view the videos or the pdf.files with the password I received in my purchase confirmation email.Am i missing something?Julie Loeschke

All good

I need to be more patient.Thank you so much for the passwords.It's all good now. Julie635

Yes this website is wierd that way.

It has to do with how the store is set up. They give the customer a password for the shop and it has nothing to do with the class passwords. No worries, you aren't the only one that got confused!

I have not started to watch

I have not started to watch yet.
Can I watch the same videos again and again?

yes, you can watch the videos over and over and no time limit

You even have the option to download


Kate, do you think I can use bees wax mixed with Shiva oil sticks for the encaustic part? I've never worked with encaustics but I would think that the bees wax may be too dark. What do you think?

Bees wax would be just fine.

I do like using them with the Shiva oil sticks


I am trying to join the fabric book art online class gathering, but don't seem to be able to.do so. May I please have some hellp?

I guess I am in, but am not

I guess I am in, but am not able to see any replies made by Kate to the comments.

OK I guess I am in , etc.

OK I guess I am in , etc. Here is a question for Kate: do you thin the joint compound with water or use it straight from the container?

I got your email today

I tried to respond back to your email and somehow your email address kept coming back as unable to deliver. I friended you on Facebook and sent you a message. You are in the Kate Thompson-The Classroom group on Facebook if you want to post or ask questions. I don't thin down my joint compound with water. If you want it thin just apply a thin layer. I hope I answered all of your questions in the message I sent you.

downlaoding the videos

I can't seem to work out how to download the videos - I can open and view them ok and can download the pdfs. Any ideas?

You need to go to vimeo to do that Jo

Click on Vimeo on the video. It will take you to the vimeo website. Underneath the video is a download button. Just click on that and it will give you 3 options to download.

How long is my membership valid to view videos?

Hi Kate,

I don't seem to be able to use this class site anymore. I have not been able to work on this project for a while and am not sure if I am still within my paid for time limit as the video passwords do not show up when I sign in.

Please email me your address.

You have access forever. Please send me an email and I will send you all the links and passwords. You are in the book class correct?

Fabric Book Art

Got your email with the passwords - thank you!
That's great news that I have access forever.

Password To Access Videos

Hi Kate,

I am so sorry to bother you but I can't figure out what the password is in order to access the videos. I know this has been addressed in the past but I can't see what the reply is.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


can't find class link

I purchased this class on The Trodden Path and can no longer find the link or passwords. Can someone help me?
Thank you!


Link for class

Elise, I need your email address to send the info. Email me at fracturedangelics@hotmail.com

Transfer Images

Hello Kate,
I love this class so much. Your image transfers are so beautiful. Do you have any suggestions for good resources to find special images?

Best regards,

Hi Hope

I usually look on pinterest . You can check any of my boards for inspiration. Lately though I have been looking for old photographs that won't run into copyright issues, but you can use any photo but make sure you change it.

Fractured angel book

Sorry I loss password and has been awhile since I looked at videos. Could u email me when u have time. Thanks

Please send me your email address so I can send the info

Email me at fracturedangelics@hotmail.com. I will email you the info

Question about plastering faabric

Now that my daughter is on break from Irish Dance for a few weeks, I've finally started my fabric book. (But have watched the videos at least 100x's! Can't get enough) I'm using joint compound and I've noticed that when I stretch my fabric the compound flakes quite a bit, like make a giant mess kind of flaking. Is this normal? I'm finding I have to really lay a good amount of gesso to keep the compound from falling off, and it's causing me to lose that really distressed look. Would the Venetian plaster flake less? Would laying a light coat of matte medium down first help? Thanks so much!!! P. s. Looking forward to the addendum for the new fabric book binding class!!!
Kindest Regards,
Kim Hogan


Hi Kim glad you are getting started! I am wondering if you are using spackling rather than joint compound. I have tried the spackle and it is very brittle whereas the joint compound is much more durable and adheres better. Venetian plaster is the best because it has an acrylic binder in it that makes it adnere better. Did you put a layer of matte medium over the plaster? That is definitely a step you need to take if you haven't done so yet. That will stabilize it to the fabric.


Are your image transfers inkjet or toner based

I actually prefer laser prints over inkjet

But that doesn't mean you can't use inkjet. I find the laser prints sharper and they don't bleed where the inkjet is softer and will bleed if they are dark.

re password

hi kate
i have somehow deleted my password for class can you resend please?

email me and I will send you the password

Need the Password for the videos and PDF downloads Please

I am so excited to finally be able to purchase your class! I have been drooling over it for weeks. I can't find the passwords for the videos. Thank you.

Email me

You should have seen an email with all info. I will send again

Gathering supplies

It is November 29,2016, are you taking Kate's fabric book class right now? If so, please post how you are getting ready to start making your new fabric book. Would love to share ideas.


Hi Kate

I Just join the class and tried to download the PDF's file and it says password protect. I tried to put the password for the class and it doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong? HELP


Did you get the 2nd email with the info

I did send you a 2nd email with all the information. Did you not receive it? I just sent it again. Let me know you got it. If you have any problems email me at fracturedangelics@hotmail.com

It is the same password as the videos

I just tried it. Please let me know if you still can't get it. It is working for me

Password for Vimeo videos

Hi Kate

Just signed up for the fabric book class and the acrylic wash class. I'm trying to watch the videos for the fabric book class, but I'm unable to find the magic password. Am I to expect it in a later email?

Thank you,

Just got the email. I must be more patient

I just sent you separate emails with all the info Cindy

You should have received two emails with all the info

Just received them. I must be

Just received them. I must be more patient. Thank you.

venetian plaster


I'm wondering if anyone is having a hard time locating Behr Venetian Plater? Doesn't seem like Home Depot carries it anymore. I'm wondering if there is another brand you can recommend? Thanks!

Behr Venetian Plaster

Some Home Depots have it , some don't. I actually prefer joint compound these days and more and more purchasing that instead. Lowes has their own brand as well.

Fabric Book Class

Sent an email as password doesn't work on PDFs or videos. Looking forward to class.
Thank you,
Trace :o)

Fractured Angels Book Class

I am signed up for this class and have downloaded the PDF file to my IPad. I’d love to be able to print out the pdf so I can work without constantly having to log back to this pdf file while working, but there must be a separate password for printing. Is it possible to obtain that? I’m only using it for my own personal use, so I don’t also muck up my IPad. Thank you so much. Mikell

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