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just signed up

I just signed up for this class now waiting on my log in and videos :) can't wait! Thanks Kate for directing me to this one. I look forward to learning!


Oh my Gosh....If I just read....I found the password.........Thx!!

I just sent you an email with

I just sent you an email with the passwords. Please let me know if you need any guidance with anything.
Thank you very much.


I don't have my password as yet. Where do I look for it?

Passwords to access my purchased classes

Unable to access videos

fabric collage & the figure

I don't have the password yet.

fabric collage & the figure

I don't have the password yet.
I'm not a robot

books and websites

I have watched the first two videos :)
In the 2nd video where you are sketching you mention some books and websites? Are you going to list those? I don't sketch or draw so I'm really nervous. I was thinking of using the sketch you provided to put under tracing paper to get "the feel" for how to do? Is that a good start or just get a book pencil and eraser and have at it? eeek! it's scarey even though no one will see. suggestions ideas completely welcome :-D
thankyouverymuch (yep, an Elvis fan)

The web site I was talking

The web site I was talking about is http://www.posespace.com. Just to let you know, these are nude photos and I find them a great source for figure drawing. The book I was talking about is this one...http://www.amazon.com/Drawing-Human-Head-Burne-Hogarth/dp/0823013766 I love Burne Hogarth. He really breaks the body down into planes to simplify. This one on the head is excellent! Yes, start with the sketch I have supplied....that is why it is there. You can blow the face portion up as well and use that for your portrait. That way you can concentrate on the painting techniques...but you do eventually want to draw, but right now do this.

ref materials

thanks Kate!

video password

Hi Kate,

I'm trying my hand again at this class but can't find the password(s) for the videos. I'm having a hard time learning the reinker and open acrylic technique. Is this the correct class to learn that technique?


Hi Kate

I'm super curious how you go about framing these fabric pieces or some ideas on mounting them for framing etc .
Adore your artwork and happy I am taking the class


Hi Brandi, I usually mount the collages of wood boards and put a hook or wire attachment on the wood. I use wood or craft glue to adhere the collage to the board. I don't really frame these pieces although you could in a shadow box. I just like to touch them so they seems to appeal more to more without a frame. Thank you and look forward to seeing your projects!

Fabric Collage and the Figure

Hi Kate

I sorry but I forget the password for the class I can't get in .
Can you please email me with it

Mary Peritore

Mary, I emailed the password to you.

Hi Mary, just emailed all the info....kate


Hi Kate,

Really enjoying the videos so far. It looks like the reinkers that are on the supply list are discontinued. I have a call in to a store that maybe can order singles... If not, can you suggest something in their place? I just love that eggplant color for the skin tone and I would hate to go without it. Thanks so much!

Eggplant reinker

Hi Katrina, it is really a drag that they are discontinuing the reinkers! Since I created this class over a year ago that wasn't the situation. I have been using the paynes gray and quin. nickel azo gold fluid Golden acrylics or the Golden High Flo acrylics to get the pesto color. I mix it with Golden retarder and that keeps it wet longer. As far as the eggplant I have been looking into this product by Daniel Smith. The Carbazole Violet looks like it would work beautifully. I will do some more research and see what else I can come up with.


Thanks Kate! some good info, I will figure it out.

image transfer

Hi Kate, Does it matter what kind of paper I use for the image transfer? I did it on copy paper (I think you did yours on tracing paper.) Anyway, the paper I used does not rub off at all well when moistened. What to do! -- Christine

image transfer

Hi Kate, Does it matter which kind of paper I use to draw my image for the transfer. I used copy paper and it does not remove well at all when moistened. Help! -- Christine

Now are you doing an image transfer?

What drawing are you using? One of your own? If you want to do an image transfer you need to have it copied from an inkjet or laser printer. It needs that ink to transfer. Did you use the fluid medium on both the substrate and the paper?

Image transfer

I am using your drawing which I printed off on an inkjet printer. I used the matte medium on the watercolor paper AND the image of the girl. I am doing this one just as a practice to learn the techniques, then I will try one of my own. I must have done something wrong here. Can I just paint on the copy paper?

You work on the copy paper

Just make sure you put a layer of matte medium over it though before painting....but keep trying for the image transfer. It really is a cool technique

image transfer

thanks Kate. i will work on the copy paper this time and then try for a "genuine" transfer with my next attempt. i am loving the looks of the plaster and the textures you can achieve with it. thanks for this class! Christine

You are welcome

One reason for using the transfer is that you are able to see the plaster underneath, the texture comes through the transfer whereas if you just collage, it tends to be thicker and therefore the texture underneath can't be seen or felt...does that make sense?

that makes sense

I will work hard to get the transfer done right next time!

Sketch you provided

Hi Kate,
Where can O find the sketch you provided? Can't find it anywhere :(

It is at the bottom of the videos

There is a link at the bottom that has a pdf. You use the same password to open up that pdf and there you will find the sketch


I joined this class more that a year ago but lost all my links and passwords when I refreshed my browser. This is the second class I have taken with you and I lost contact with the other one when the workshop site closed. I really don't want to lose this one too. I just need the password so that I can review some of the information. I have saved an adobe acrobat document with the link to the class page but I do not remember the password. Please help me! I love your work.


Hi Karen, send me an email and I will send you the information. If you tell me both classes you have taken I will send you the links and passwords as well. My email is fracturedangelics@hotmail.com

issues downloading

I'm able to open the PDF for this class, but I'm not getting an option to download or print it. When I click the link and put in password, it brings up PDF but that's it. How can I download it or print. I'm working from a MAC. Thanks!!!

issues with PDF

I'm able to open PDF document for this class, but am not given an option to download or print. I've tried 3 different ways with no luck. I'm working from a MAC.

I see an option when I open up the pdf

In the upper right hand corner there is an option to download the pdf

Hi! I am anxious to get

Hi! I am anxious to get started. I haven't figured out what passwords to use for the videos.
Thank you!


Send me an email Calle

You should have received a 2nd email with the info. Email me at fracturedangelics@hotmail.com and I will send you the info

Received it! Thank you .

Received it! Thank you .


I don't have a password as yet to access the class. Where do I find that? Thanks so much and so excited to
get started! barb

Did you receive the email I sent you with the info

I sent you an email after I received your PayPal. Did you not get it? I resented. Let me know if you got it

Fractured Angelics

Hi Kate,
I just signed up for your course. Thanks for making this available to us.

I was just wondering if I could use spackle paste instead of joint compound ?

Thank you .


Nadia where do you live?

In the states spackle paste is too crumbly to use but I know in other countries spackle is the same as joint compound. So if you live in the US no don't use it but if you live elsewhere do. They make it so confusing!

Fabric Collage and Figure

Dear Kate,
I have just joined this art lesson and I look so forward to creating a wonderful piece of art.
I have watched the video for the first lesson and find your work so beautiful and inspiring.
I was wondering how you would frame this piece.
Would it be under glass or no glass ?
I am very excited to get syarted.
Keep shining


Hi. I can't access the videos with my log in password?


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