Painting and Composition-Mixed Media and Fabric Collage Gathering

I have created this blog post for anyone in the class that wants to ask questions, share and post.


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painting faces

Hi Kate,

I am taking donna Downey's 48 weeks class and in it she talks about a skin painting technique she learned from you. I was trying to find an online you teach (if you do) about your technique. I was wondering if this class you teach that? If not do you have one?


Hi Lisa, I do go into that

Hi Lisa, I do go into that technique in a portrait and a figure painting in this class. If you look at the pictures in the shop for this class it will show you the two paintings. I also have a video on this class in the video section. The class I really go over the technique Donna mentioned is the Fabric Collage and the Figure class using the reinkers and white paint. Check both videos for each class and you will see the examples. I do have a portrait class but it is a little different technique but check that out as well. Thanks for your interest!


Good Morning Kate!
Thank you so much for getting back so quickly. I will check out the other ones you mentioned. If I'm really wanting to learn that technique do you have a strong suggestion of which you think is best? I'm SUCH an indecisive person. Thank you thank you again!!! :-D

figured out

ok, now I've had some coffee and re-read. I will decide and register :-D

Hi Kate, I began the course

Hi Kate,
I began the course today, and i noticed, that in the first pdf about composition, the second page is missing.
It would be very nice you can make it complete.

Thanks a lot, and have a nice day.

Hi Sandra, I am checking into

Hi Sandra, I am checking into it right now. Thanks for letting me know.

I fixed the pdf's. Just use

I fixed the pdf's. Just use the same password as the videos but it should be all uppercase for the pdf's and lower case for the videos.

Downloading Videos

Hi Kate, going up to our holiday house and I don't have internet there so was trying to figure out how to download the videos. I'm able to access them fine but can't see an option as to how I download them. Are you able to assist? Thx

Click on the video where it

Click on the video where it says Vimeo. It will take you to the vimeo site. Underneath the video it gives you download options. You just right click the version you want. Let me know if you need further help.

adirondack inks

I have had no luck in finding the expresso Adirondack ink. sight you gave us is no longer available. is there another place. ranger has a hazelnut . would that be close to shade. thanks Robbie

Hazelnut would be fine.

So is Joanne's out of the expresso?


Site is not allowing me to enter

Sheri are you in?

Sheri, did you get the email with the links and passwords yet?

Password for my videos aren't working

I'm sorry but my password to my videos don't seem to be working. Please help. Thanks Christina Cosentino. I'm in the Composition and fabric collage class.

Did you get the right password?

I send an email out with all the links and the passwords. It is a separate password from the first email. Let me know if you don't have that email and I will send it again. Contact me at

Choosing which class to take next

Hi Kate - I am taking 2 of your classes: Fabric Collage and the Figure, and Fabric Book Art. I am enjoying them very much and have viewed all the videos. I appreciate your teaching style - and admire your lovely sensitive portrayals of women. Gorgeous! I am considering either Painting & Composition Mixed Media Fabric Collage OR Fractured Angels and wondering if one of these will contain more new content over the other - as compared to the 2 classes I'm already taking. I am particularly interested in adding collage and texture to my paintings, more so than watercolors. I hope you add more classes in the future - perhaps you could consider a 3-dimensional figure, or a combination sculptural piece. I make art dolls with air-drying paper clays that lean toward the style of some of your more textural paintings.

Thank you so much.

Fractured Angels class

Hi Janis and thank you! I think maybe the Fractured Angels class would be a good one for you to take. We work on several paintings and use plastering, stenciling and then sanding to create really cool textured backgrounds. I am working on a new portrait class covering a ton of new techniques. That should be coming up in a couple of months. I am thinking about more 3 dimensional classes. I used to make art dolls and I did some sculpting so that is definitely a possibility in the future. Thanks for your interest!

That's wonderful news!

Thanks Kate! I am so happy to see your speedy response! I will be signing up for the Fractured Angels class. I'm so glad to hear you are working on and thinking about more new classes. I'll be watching......Warm regards.


Hi Kate, Sandi here. I'm taking two of your classes right now but, I am really loving your newer work. There is a long stream of photos under what you have been working on this summer. The paintings seem to be darker in nature. I just love the one with the helmet and lamb. I saw where you said you had a new class coming up in a couple months, would this work be in that class? I was also wondering if you do any package deals for someone who wants to take most, if not all your class? I also can not find the ink you are using, is there a substitute? Last but not least you mentioned a friend who also does portrait classes, can you remind me of her name. It was posted somewhere on your webpage but I cant find it to get back to her website. Thank you. Ps. Do you use the soft pastel on the faces, if so, what colors? Is there a certain color I need? I was hoping to just be able to by a set. sorry so long.

Hi Sandi

I looked over at my blog post to check out the paintings you were talking about. The girl with the helmet isn't in any of my online classes but there are some similar techniques that I have used in Fractured Angels class. Some of the other ones with the dark sockets are part of my Fabric Portraits class. Look at each class and I do show you the examples, most, of what we will be doing in the class. Yes you can definitely get a discount for multiple classes. Just email me at and let me know which ones. As far as the reinkers, unfortunately they have discontinued that brand which is really a drag. They are wonderful inks. You could try Tim Hotz distress inks. Here is a link. You could try the crushed olive but many of the colors are really nice and work the same as the Adirondaks.
I just use earthtone pastels and white but you can use any color you want but since most of the work is earthy I tend to gravitate towards the earthtones.

Image placement

Hi Kate,I have a question about a process you demo for us. Why do you use water color paper placed on the gessoed fabric for your image? Why not tranfer image directly onto gessoed surface? does it matter? My first try at this I didn't use water color paper ( mistakingly) just an image transfer. assuming( not paying attention) as done in other classes w you.... have yet to paint tho. will results be the same?

Plaster on water color paper

I like using watercolor paper because I like how the paint applies to it you definitely can paint on the plaster and paint surface

Transfer on substrate

Just make sue when you do the transfer that you have plenty of matte medium on both he transfer and th substrate and let it dry before rubbing f the excess paper

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing!


Hi Kate when you say wood as one of the substrates, is it just a piece of wood from Home Depot or a board from an art store?

Either one is fine Dawn

I used a piece of wood from Home Depot for the project but I also like using wood panels from Blick or any art supply store

Pre-raphaelites e-course

Hi Kate, I ordered the pre raphaelites e-course. I haven't received a link and password yet.

Dawn I resent it

I am thinking it may have gone to junk mail. I resent it so if you don;t see it in your regular mail check your junk mail for sure. Sorry you aren;t getting it. Let me know when you have received it.

Password problem

Hi Kate,
I forgot my password to get in your Mixed Media and Fabric Collage class which I purchased last month.
Can you help me pls?
Jacqueline LeBlanc

Hello again, Pls ignore above

Hello again,
Pls ignore above post re password.
It was right in front of me but didn't see it. Duh!

No problem!

Glad you found it

Painting and composition Class ?’s

Matisse Matte Medium is not available at Jerry’s Art website, any suggestions I did a search also.

In Painting and composition you used Gesso with the Alcohol inks, is it white Gesso?


Just get regular Matte Medium Joan

Regular matte medium will work just fine

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