The summer that flew by!!!

It has been so long since I wrote a real blog post. I have been traveling so much this summer. I first taught in San Jose, Ca. in June, July I was at Jeanne Oliver's amazing studio, and then Art Unraveled in Phoenix. I am preparing my trip to Italy right now....busy making plaster wings for the students! We aren't making books but will incorporate these wings in our figures.

This will be my 2nd time in Italy. I fell in love the first time and knew I just had to go back. Leaving Sept. 9 so I will have lots of news and adventures to tell you when I get back.


The Living Studio Danube 2019- Prague to Budapest May 2-12 2019

Click on picture and it will take you to the site.

I am very excited about this for one, I have never been to The Danube and I know that it will effect me profoundly. Secondly, I love Jeanne's work and we both work with similar materials and aesthetically, we are definitely on the same page. Here are a couple of pieces of Jeanne's that I adore!

Now here are a couple of mine

O.K.....can you see now why this is so exciting to me to teach along side her. May can not come fast enough! Oh wait, I have a show to do in April so there is that!


Now about my own work.....the portrait is still the subject that drives me to paint. I still am not satisfied with my work. Now that isn't to say I think my work sucks but I know I can do better. Isn't that always the drive of the artist. When I think about it why do I do it? To become rich and!!!! I love the practice. I must paint and I must learn more. There is so much more I want to do and learn and it is what makes my motor roar. Yes there are days when everything seems flat and boring and I have no desire or energy to do anything. But I still go into the studio and do something. Then that energy starts pumping into my veins and I am off and running again. 

I am not thinking much when I paint . I am not trying to get a likeness, although for my own personal practice I do that, but I am pulling out a soul. I think that is what my work is about. I do belong to a religion but I am pretty private about that but it definitely influences my work.  I want to learn more about my soul and what is going on inside me and around me. That BIGNESS that is out there to tap in to. I have my ritual prayers and meditation I do everyday and I do believe that is transforming my art . When I paint I am fully in the moment and nothing else matters. Wouldn't that be great to be doing that with everything else in my life. I am patient and I notice everything. The rest of my life isn't like that. I am racing from task to task. Have several pages open on my computer, iphone and ipad!!! I become gluttonous for more and more information and's exhausting.  I am listening to podcasts by intellectual giants and I can only comprehend a small portion of what they are saying but I find it worthwhile anyway. That is why I change that nature! I don't have to have everything or do everything now.....big challenge.

O.k. anyways that's what is going on inside me. I want to post a few pieces I have done recently that I really love and proud of. I will be in my first solo show at Lagerquist Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia in April 2019. They represent me and I feel focused and ready to do this. Here are a few that I think are pretty special.

36" x 36"

I will be posting soon about my workshop in Morroco!!!! I am truly blessed to be given these opportunities. I was so adventurous when I was a young adult....truly fearless. But then I made some very bad decisions and went down a very dark road. Life became very hard and very dark. My dreams fell a part and then I had an opportunity to try a different path which brings me to my life today. I am almost 64 years old! It is never to late to change and go after your dreams. For that I am grateful......kate

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2019 Morocco Trip

I've been dreaming of Morocco for years. That would be a fortunate, fantastic event.

Excited awaiting news!

I am so excited about this trip

More information coming soon!!

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Loved the artworks shared here. The design and concepts of each one are unique and I missed your blogs a lot. Good to see that you are back and hoping to see more posts shared here more frequently. useful link

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Loved the artworks shared

Loved the artworks shared here. The design and concepts of each one are unique and I missed your blogs a lot. Good to see that you are back and hoping to see more posts shared here more frequently

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nice post


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