Watercolor and Acrylic Washes Portrait e-course Gathering

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Watching the videos

My password does not seem to be working. I am using the password which I use to login is that correct?

Also I am assuming the videos are not downloadable - how long will I have access to them?

Thanks Lin

Lin, that password is just

Lin, that password is just for this whole website when you buy something. I sent you links and the password for this class. Let me know if you need anymore help. Kate

Doesn't work for me either.

Doesn't work for me either.


My password from the email does not seem to work.

Cindi did you get my email with all the information

Hi Cindi, You should have received an email with all the links and passwords. Did you get that?

Are the videos downloadable?

Are the videos for this class downloadable?

Because of my internet set up, I can only watch a video once it is downloaded on to my iPad. Every on-line class I have taken has been downloadable, but I signed up for Juliette Crane's class and as it is not downloadable it was a total waste of money.

Also, can the re-inkers be substituted for the watercolors? I have both so I can use watercolors, but I am having a lot of fun playing with the re-inkers you used on Lifebook.



Videos are downloadable

Just click on the videos and go to the vimeo site where it gives you the option to download.
Absolutely you can substitute the reinkers with watercolors.

Download button?

Hi Kate,

There does not seem to be a download button on the Vimeo pages that have your videos? Vimeo videos can be downloaded if the owner of the videos makes that available. I am not entirely sure what you need to do, but I think it is just a setting you need to change.

Also, how does the Venetian plaster differ from the joint compound? I am using the joint compound and loving it, and would really like to give the paster a go but it is sooooooo expensive and only comes in the full gallon size.

When you click on the video

click on it where it says vimeo in the right lower corner. It will take you to vimeo to view the video and on the bottom there is an option that says download. Click on that. It may take a couple of clicks (I don't know why) but 3 options come up to download the size you want.
Joint compound is a little softer than the venetian plaster (it has a little acrylic in it) but you can use the joint compound and it is beautiful to work with. Make sure to use matte medium on it to seal it in. It can be a little more brittle than the venetian plaster. They really do come to the same amount of money but the only option in venetian is to buy the full gallon rather than the smaller size. If you start to love the process maybe in the future invest in the venetianl

There is no option to download

Sorry to be such a pain, but I have taken many online classes through Vimeo and know how to download the classes, but in this case the Clip Info/download button is just not there. Here is how it looks to me:

/Users/maureenwilson/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2014/12/27/20141227-132046/Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 1.12.28 PM.png

Other classes I have taken have this button:

/Users/maureenwilson/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2014/12/27/20141227-132212/Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 1.16.57 PM.png


Apparently I can put a photo in here, if you like I can e-mail you the images?

Maureen I sent you an email.....

The settings are changed. I was able to download and thought I had that setting. Thanks for being persistent! They are ready to download now. So sorry for the inconvenience.

I need a pw for the watercolor and acrylic washes portrait eclas

I can't seem to remember what the pw is for this ecourse. Please help. Tyou.

Send me an email

I will send you the password through email. I send out an email with all the links and password after you purchase the class. Let me know if you still need that and I will email everything to you.

Password for videos

Hi Kate
I have paid for and received an email with the logins details to log into your website. The password only gets me into the page. When can I expect to get an email with the password for viewing the videos?


Tania, I sent you a second email

That is the email with the links and password.


Hello miss Kate! I'll need the password resent - sorry, new computer; can't find it anywhere!


Kecia email me at fracturedangelics@hotmail.com

Send me an email and I will get all that info out to you.


In terms of the specific colors and brands you asked for in the supplies, I luckily have some of them already but quite a few of them I'm going to have to purchase and budget wise that adds up. Can you recommend substitutes? Or can I get "close enough"?

Hi Judy, Let me know what specific products you are talking

about and I will be able to help you better as far as getting substitutes.


The David Smith watercolors are expensive for me. So is Golden, but I can get a small one of the golden for my first go.


You can substitute the Daniel Smith with other less expensive.

As long as you have a red(like alizarin crimson), a yellow and a blue (cobalt blue or ultramarine). You can combine all three colors to get a nice warm brown. Yes, go with the smaller Golden or liquitex would work.

Thank You

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I'm getting everything together before I start. I hope I'm assuming it's ok to start with any of the classes I just bought.

Fractured Angelics
Painting and Composition Mixed media and fabric collage
Watercolor and acrylic washes
watercolor Fresco


Of course Judy

Are you part of the Facebook group?


Kate, yes I'm part of each Facebook group.


I'm starting with the Watercolor and Acrylic Washes. I'm having a blast. Video three where we learn to draw faces was amazing!!!!! I have never drawn a face before and my practice sketch looks fabulous. I'm proud to say. Eleven and half minutes! Of course I paused a lot here and there, but wow. I'm loving this. Okay, on to the painting part.



I think I've misunderstood and I am not on the Facebook group I'm supposed to be on. How do I do that?


Paint Supplies

Hi Kate,
Being new to the painting medium, I have a few questions for you to help me complete my supply list.

On the watercolor lists;. are these paints in tubes or pans? which is better?

On acrylics: are these fluid, or high flow or regular? I can't seem to find titanite yellow, is there a substitute ?

What size of a drawing do you suggest to begin with? Im so used to working small scale( jewelry) that an 8x10 piece seems large to me,I want to learn how to work on larger scale.

Titanium buff

You can subsitute yellow for titanium buff
The watercolors I use are in tubes and then I put them in a watercolor palette with pans.
I use open acrylics because they give you more drying time and sink into the substrate and don't leave a plastic look and feel.
Yes try working bigger, even if it is a little at a time.

passwords to videos do not work

The passwords to the videos for the portrait watercolor class are not working. I tried the passwords listed above each video. Please advise. Also, in case you need it, my Facebook name is KjAllison. I just requested access. Thank you, looking forward to watercoloring!

Kathy Lewis

Watercolor Fresco Painting e-course

Kate, I cannot find my password for this e-course. Could you please give me the password.
Thank you
Linda Blumer

Send me your email address and I will send you the password

Watercolor and acrylic wash faces

I was wondering how you would hang or mount the finished work. I really love it and would like to hang it on something to put on the wall. I really loved that workshop and am planning on taking another now.
Thank you,
Dawn Searls

I usually mount them on a piece of wood

I would just do that and place a hook in the back. You could add a frame around the wood backed piece as well without putting glass over it. Glad you liked the class Dawn!


I am having trouble with the videos. The password isn't working and then the video errors out.

I am checking on the problem right now

It has effected all the videos . I am contacting the web site to resolve this. I will keep you posted

watercolor portrait

Hi Kate,

I am curious, did you seal the face with any medium before you started painting? The painting just seems to suck the life right out of the paints.

Thank you,

Sealing plaster

Yes yes! The plaster is porous that you need to add a layer of matte medium and or gesso to seal the plaster. Go read the instructions again. I know I tried it before I did that and it didn't take till I really sealed that plaster. Try that and see what better results you will get. Kate

Problem downloading PDF

When trying to download the PDF for the watercolor class, it isn't taking the password provided for the class. Is there a different password for the PDF than for the videos? I'm able to play the videos with no problem. Thanks so much!!!

Password does not work

Username: deborazia
Password: zepqgJUC4K

This is the information I received. It does not work.
Please advise!

Thank you


PDF password

Please HELP?!?!?we moved and lost all my emails so I need to get the pass words again please? I would like to print the PDFS

I can't log in with the password I selected.

Please send me a password to log in with. I keep trying to use the one I registered with and it does not work. I am very frustrated.

log in

I cannot log I with my password!


I am getting really upset......I cannot log in and the stupid robot thing keeps telling me I am wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd email

I just sent you the 2nd email. It says in the description for the class that you will get a 2nd email with all the info. Because I have to imput all this information myself it doesn't happen immediately but I always try to send as quickly as possible hope you enjoy the class

I am confused on the Holtz inks.

Are you using alcohol inks? Are you mixing with gesso before applying? When applied directly to substrate they do weird things.

I use Re-inkers not alcohol inks

Alcohol inks dry immediately whereas the reinkers or distress inks activate with water. I don't mix with the gesso before hand. I always add the gesso after applying the inks. I like the way the inks mix with the gesso and give you several values so they don't do weird effects at all. Now since I taped this video the Adirondak re-inkers are discontinued so that is why I suggest you use distress Inks by Tim Holtz

Look at the supply list

In the supply list I give you different options of inks to use.

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