Watercolor and Acrylic Washes Portrait e-course Gathering

I have created this blog post where you can make comments ask questions or post about this portrait class.


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LOVE your classes

I love painting with watercolor. I love painting with actual "alcohol inks". After viewing your classes, I'm so excited that I can now combine both of these using your plaster and gesso techniques! I still haven't tried plastering on fabric, because I am having a blast doing this on multi-media and watercolor papers right now; but one day will actually try it the way you intended. Thank you, thank you, and thanks again for your willingness to share what you know.

I'm also signed up for your Fancy Lassies class... so excited!!!

The course gathering and

The course gathering and including the more techniques for questions for useful observations and great blog always. This aussiewritings site has been sharing and making the essential teaching schedule.

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