Watercolor Fresco Painting e-course Gathering

I have created this blog post for anyone in this class that wants to ask questions, share and post your projects.


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Mounting your work

Hi Kate.
I really enjoyed the class, but I have questions. How did you actually adhere your work to the board? and how would you do a large piece???
I have been playing with plaster in my art for about a year. I have always added the plaster to fabric that I have already stretched and gallery wrapped onto a board. I have done work as large as 4'x4' . I build a frame from stretcher strips, top that with a piece of MDF and then stretch and glue my fabric over that. Then proceed to add my plaster and do my art.

I cant wait to try your techniques which will give me so many great textures and options to play.

thanks so much!

Adhering artwork to a board

I usually use regular craft glue to adhere the fabric piece to the board. You could use fluid matte medium as well but that gets pretty pricey. Now the reason I like to work with the plaster on unstressed fabric is because I like to manipulate the fabric while the plaster is drying. By stretching the fabric on the diagonal you start to create cracks which gives it that Fresco look. After the plaster is dry I apply fluid matte medium on top to keep all the plaster adhered to the fabric. You will want to iron the piece flat because the stretching makes the fabric buckle.
If you want to work on a larger piece, you could still use your stretch fabric as a base and adhere your distressed fabric pieces on top. It would be like doing a fabric collage and just layer it. Look forward to seeing what you do!

Adhering work

Thanks Kate. I agree that doing the fabric first gives so many distressing options and I cant wait to try it.
Your class have been a great help and giving me so many new options and techniques!

thanks again,

You are welcome!

You are welcome ...Thank you!

Image transfer

Hi Kate

I have a printed image that I want to transfer onto the venetian plaster. I misunderstood the process of the video as to how you apply an image transfer. I thought it was both print transfer and paint.
Can you tell me what process I would use to transfer a printed image?
I have Lazertran for Inkjet or a lazor copy of my image.l have real Venetian plaster, I also have a few acrylic mediums.
I am new to all of this and eager to create.
I have 4 glorious days to myself.

Cannot sign in

Kate I was not, and am not, able to sign in to the videos. Suggestion please?

signing in to videos

can not sign in--the passwords I have do not work

Watercolor fresso

Watercolor and Acrylic washes

Fabric Colege with figure

Fractured angles

Passwords for classes

Hi Darla
Please email me and I will send you all the passwords. Did you not get the 2nd email for each class with all the information and links? Here is my email fracturedangelics@hotmail.com

Able to log in

Now able. Cheryl Bennett

Cheryl please email me and I will give you the info

When did you sign up? fracturedangelics@hotmail.com

Hi...I am actually trying to

Hi...I am actually trying to get information on how to register and take this class online please...Watercolor Fresco Painting e-course Gathering

found it!

found it!


Hi Kate:

I have a few questions:

1.) Is your image transfer a laser print? Does that method work with an inkjet print? Also can a Lazertran transfer be used instead and still retain the same look?

2.) Can burlap be used rather than linen? If so, will it give a similar distressed and fresco look?

3.) You include cold wax in the list of supplies, but I don't recall anything in the videos about it (unless I missed it?). I assume you use it as a final topcoat/sealant and buff when dry?

Hi Dawn...here are my answers:

1. You can use either a laser or inkjet. I have used both but I prefer the laser because there is less bleeding and the image is sharper but sometimes you want a little bleeding and softness. Experiment with both and see for yourself but you can use both. I haven't tried Lazertran transfers but if you have those I would definitely experiment with them.
2. I don't know if the burlap will work because it has a much more open weave and I think it would be hard to transfer and paint on, but if you have it do a sample and see what you think but my initial response is I don't think it will work as well.
3. Yes the cold wax is just for sealing the piece and I do buff when dry.

Media on plaster

Hi Kate,

Thanks so much for answering my previous questions. I still have not experimented, but hope to soon!

I have another question: I watched one of your youtubes where you use oil glazes to enhance an image transfer and I THINK it was on plaster. Am I right about that? So far I've seen the use of watercolor (as in your watercolor frescoes) or diluted acrylics (in a DVD by Sandra Duran Wilson that I have on working with Venetian Plaster. Since plaster is so porous and therefore needs a diluted paint medium, how do oil glazes absorb and dry on plaster (if that is, in fact, what you use)?

Thanks again,

Dawn you want to seal the plaster with a medium

In order to paint over the surface of plaster you really have to seal the plaster with a matte medium so the paint whether it be oil, watercolor or acrylic will not sink into the substrate. You could also use a clear gesso. I remember doing the oil glazing awhile back. I just used linseed oil and a little oil paint to do that but after everything was sealed first.


I can't log in using the password provided

Who is this so I can help you?

You didn't leave your name. Let me know. That isn't the password for the class. It is just for my records. You should have received an email with links and passwords.

Watercolor and Fresco

Is there a PDF that goes along with this class? I love the videos, but it helps me to have a PDF to follow along with also.

Nio PDF for this class

Hi Judy, This was my very first online class ever so I didn't think of a pdf at that time. Sorry, but please feel free to ask any questions.

Watercolor fresco

Hi Kate! I tried to take a look at the first three lessons of the watercolor Fresco course. I entered the password
and when I pressed the play button, the arrow turns into two bars, but the screen stays black and nothing happens. Can you help? This happens on all the videos of this particular course but the other courses I am enrolled all work fine. Thank you! Louise Duhamel

Hi Louise

I tried the videos and they are fine on my end. Did you try opening them in a different browser? I use Google Chrome. Try rebooting your computer as well. Alot of times when I run into this problem I reboot and then it works. Another thing you can do is click on where it says vimeo underneath the video and it will take you to the vimeo site and you can view there. Let me know if any of these suggestions work? Sorry you are having trouble

Plaster transfer class

Hi Kate
I would like seal my painting and have used the watercolor over the transfer and plaster
What type of sealer would you recommend that would not cause my water colors to run?

Thanks Michelle

Hi Michelle

It is hard to seal the watercolor because it is not water proof. What you could use is something like cold wax to dab over the water color area and then apply on the rest of it to seal it in.

password problems

Hi. The password I was given isn't working. Can't get in to the videos.

2nd email

I sent you a 2nd email with all the info. Didn't you get that? I am resending now. Please let me know you received it ok?


Hi Kate, sorry I'm having trouble login into the classes. Could you please send me the password.
Looking forward to taking classes with you again in 2019.


Thank you for your help, Johneen

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Watercolor fresco e-course

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