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THIS IS A CLASS I TAUGHT ON JEANNE OLIVER'S NETWORK. I now have it for sale on my website

In this class we will be creating fanciful girls using watercolors, pastels and acrylics. These girls are created in a somewhat whimsical way but with some understanding of a more realistic approach. There will be exercises in creating a more realistic portrait which we will then use and abstract to something more fanciful.

I will show you how to make little watercolor paper books where we will explore techniques, prints and colorways. This will be a wonderful record to rely on as we work on more finished pieces.  

I will then guide you as you start working on your own girls. I do have templates to download for you to practice the painting techniques. I then demonstrate how to draw the girls that we will then transform into fanciful creatures with very different personalities.

I demonstrate how to draw a portrait using charcoal. I then layer the charcoal drawing with watercolors and white acrylic paint. We will then paint watercolor and acrylic roses to garnish her face.


There will be a private Facebook page for this class.

This is a self-paced class and all videos are downloadable as well.

When I receive payment, I will send you an email with the password for all the videos and the same password to be ued to open up the pdf's supplied for the class. ALL THE CLASSROOM LINKS ARE LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS WEBSITE (You will see a Facebook, twitter, etc. symbols. They are right above that)

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive an email from this websites store receipt of payment. There is a user name and password for store records, but you will receive a 2nd email from me giving you links and passwords to the class videos .


Watercolor paper 2 or 3 sheets ( I like hot press, 140 or 300 pd) 16” x 20”

Filbert Bristle brushes sizes 4 or 6

¼” angular brush

Watercolor brushes round 1,3,6 here are the higher end  sables

Less expensive synthetics


Daniel Smith watercolors, burgundy yellow ochre, Perylene violet, transparent pyrrol orange, carmine, undersea green, permanent violet


Winsor Newton green gold, aliz crimson, olive green, cad red, cad yellow, ultramarine blue, aureolin modern


Acrylics (I use Golden open in titanium white, quin. Nickel azo gold, quin crimson paynes gray )

Milk paints (you can get these at Michaels has a couple of brands, Martha Stewart or DecoArt) They have some yummy pastel colors and they are inexpensive!

Matte medium, gesso

Derwent XL Charcoal block

Stabilo marks all pencil

Graphic Gear 500 pentel pencil .03 lead

Charcoal pencils 2b, 4b 6b

Hybrid technical pen .03


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