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In this class I will be demonstrating how to create the portrait using the planes of the face using the Asaro head and my own drawings as reference. I discuss a number of lighting situations and most of the painting demos are focusing on a particular light source. It is my goal to share how important the fundamentals are and to practice before jumping into the fun part,painting. I show you how I mix colors using a limited amount of paints so as to create a more harmonious Right now I have 28 videos and many painting demonstrations. I have a very thriving private Facebook page to post and ask questions. The students work is spectacular and inspiring so take advantage of this aspect of the class.

This is a self-paced class and all videos are downloadable as well.

When I receive payment, I will send you an email with the password for all the videos and the same password to be ued to open up the pdf's supplied for the class. ALL THE CLASSROOM LINKS ARE LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS WEBSITE (You will see a Facebook, twitter, etc. symbols. They are right above that)

If you go to the blog section, I have different blogpost for each class for questions and comments

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive an email from this websites store receipt of payment. There is a user name and password for store records, but you will receive a 2nd email from me giving you links and passwords to the class videos .

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