Mixed Media techniques- Collage and Abstraction with the Figure Ecourse

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In this class we will be working with alot of different elements to create 4 projects. We use wire, thread, paint, fabrics, collage and vintage ephemera to create unique pieces of art. I am constantly experimenting with different materials and in this class I show you some of my new experimentations. 

I show you how to grid out a figure and draw with pencil for shading that will then become and element in and abstract collage piece. I demonstrate with my stencils from Stencil Girl how to make a vestment which will be incorporated with a portrait. I work with wire and fabrics to created some very unique wings which can stand alone or incorporate in other pieces such as the figure collage. I also create little portraits that I stitch to make a grid which has all kinds of possibilities. I give you the the tools and want you, the student, to take those tools to make your own unique projects.

There will be a private Facebook page for this class.

This is a self-paced class and all videos are downloadable as well.

When I receive payment, I will send you an email with the password for all the videos and the same password to be ued to open up the pdf's supplied for the class. ALL THE CLASSROOM LINKS ARE LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS WEBSITE (You will see a Facebook, twitter, etc. symbols. They are right above that)

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a 2ND EMAIL from me giving you links and passwords to the class videos

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