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Morocco teaching trip-Alchemy of a Nomad part 2

So this is Morocco trip part 2. On our way to the Sahara Desert!! We met up with some true Nomads.

Kamal, Michelle's partner, started a fire to brew some tea. A beautiful ritual all over Morocco. I love the texture of their homemade habitats.

Nothing like driving like a maniac through the Sahara Desert! It was a bumpy and exhilarating ride!! We are all wild at heart. So grateful to be with exceptional women that are wild to the bone!

My first time I ever met a camel! They are so beautiful and graceful. I felt blessed.

Morocco teaching trip-Alchemy of a Nomad



Paint Your Heart and Soul 2020 year-long online class

Hi guys I haven’t blogged in awhile so it’s my delight that I have some great news! I can finally reveal that I’m going to teach PYHaS next year!!! This is my third year! I’m giving away a FREE spot in this super amazing course! Keep reading!

The Living Studio Danube River Cruise with Jeanne Oliver

Well, its been a couple weeks since I got home from this adventure and I am still processing it. I was invited by Jeanne Oliver to co-teach with her and what a surreal experience it was. Our sensibilities and types of materials marry so well together and I felt like our teaching together just flowed so beautifully. I was surprised how much we all got done in the time we had together!! We worked on a timeline that illustrated all the different cities we stopped at and experieneced had. A wonderful remembrance.

Giveaway! Win a Free Spot in Let's Face It 2019!




This will be my first year as a guest teacher in Let's Face It! I taught live at Kara's studio last year and just loved the environment and the energy that Kara creates in her studio. So when she asked me to be a guest teacher for Let's Face It 2019 I immediately said yes!! I also get to give away one  free spot! Continue reading to find out more about Let's Face It 2019 and how you can enter for a free spot.


Sacred Vestments ecourse on

I wanted to tell you a little bit about my new online class, Sacred Vestments, hosted by Jeanne Oliver. For more information click on the photo above. The EARLY REGISTRATION PRICE IS $48. TILL OCT 4. Class starts Nov. 4 and the regular price will be $68.

There is more than 9 hours of video for this class!! I know, I know. I tend to overwhelm, but you can take this class at your own pace!!

The summer that flew by!!!

It has been so long since I wrote a real blog post. I have been traveling so much this summer. I first taught in San Jose, Ca. in June, July I was at Jeanne Oliver's amazing studio, and then Art Unraveled in Phoenix. I am preparing my trip to Italy right now....busy making plaster wings for the students! We aren't making books but will incorporate these wings in our figures.

This will be my 2nd time in Italy. I fell in love the first time and knew I just had to go back. Leaving Sept. 9 so I will have lots of news and adventures to tell you when I get back.

Italian Winged Figures Workshop in Orvieto, Italy Sept. 9-15, 2018

I taught in Orvieto, Italy in the fall of 2016. This was my first trip to Italy. I fell in love immediately, but I always knew I would! We flew into Rome and spent a couple of days before traveling to Orvieto. After unpacking we took a walk to the nearby piazzo where I had my first Italian street musician experience. This site and sound was definitely meant for me! I know this is quite common place for Italians, but for me it brought me to tears. It was just one on those magical moments I will always remember.....always!

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